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We are looking for subcontractors who have own vehicles. We can offer transports all over Europe.



Somogy Trans Ltd. has already 3 Mega trucks and can meet a claim of the clients. Other 8-10 subcontractors are working for the co

mpany as well. 


Somogy Trans Ltd was founded in 2007, our main activity is inland and international shipping. We ship cargo all around Europe and Hungary.

We operate with reliable, experienced subcontractors whose vehicles are complied with European environmental regulations and have full liability insurance. Our staff have a considerable professional experience and competence. They speak English and German as well, which ensures flawless communication with our clients throughout Europe.

Our main objective is to serve our clients precisely and reliably offering competitive prices. We intend to grow year by year as well. We feel priviliged to have numerous returning clients, which is a clear sign of our successful work.


International road transport
We organize export, import and shipping all over Europe
Our staff are experienced, speak foreign languages, their expertise is based on decades of work in the business
We operate with subcontractors and maintain a strong relationship with them
The vehicles of our subcontractors comply with the strictest European and Hungarian environmental regulations
The vehicles are easy to handle, which makes on and offloading faster and easier
All vehicles are equipped with a GPS device, thus we are able to inform our customers about the exact location of the freight at any time
Our CMR insurance covers the freight. Extra insurance is possible if it is necessary based on the value of the freight
Inland transport
We optimise vehicle usage by inland transport to eliminate empty runs of vehicles
Goods transported inland are also covered by insurance

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Our Colleagues

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  • Mezei Ferencné

    Company owner, General Manager


  • Mezei Ferenc

    Company owner


  • Erdélyi Krisztina

    Transport organizer

    Languages spoken: hungarian, english


SOMOGY Trans Transport and Service Kft.
Tax number: 14157631-2-14
Company registration number: 14-09-307774

SOMOGY Trans Kft.
Headquarters: 7521 Kaposmérő, Gyár utca 2. D. épület
E-mail: info@somogytrans.hu

Registered at the Kaposvári Törvényszék Cégbírósága.

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